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As the competitiveness of business environment grows, clients demand greater quality of goods and services. Standard ISO 9001 has been developed by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) with the aim to implement the international standardized system for quality management.

Quality management systems in compliance with ISO 9001 will enable you to improve the quality of your goods and services, to make your company procedures more efficient and it will also allow you to participate in procurement procedures announced by public administration bodies.

Standard ISO 9001 is one of the best known and most widely used international standards. This certification is recommended to organizations of any size or sector whose activities include production or provision of services.

Requirements of ISO 9001 

  • Identification and documentation of all processes in the system.
  • Financial resources for the implementation of processes.
  • Definition of criteria for measurement and subsequent optimization of processes.
  • Setting up communication channels in the company.

Benefits of the Certification 

  • Enhanced quality of your goods and services provided.
  • Improved functioning of company processes in the company structure.
  • Possibility to participate in procurement procedures and tenders announced by public administration bodies.
  • Enhanced credibility of your company to the public.
  • Reduction of operational costs 
  • Greater flexibility in responding to changes and market requirements.
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